The film depicts a brainwashing totalitarian society that promotes ultimate conservatism and extreme sexual repression. It is a cultish version of 1984 that is even more dystopian/hopeless/unredeemable than The Clockwork Orange. Its underlying Millennium-phobia and the allusions of yellow peril (casting Asian to play this mysterious doctor/villain) made me both sick and sad. The nostalgic mise-en-scene of (mainly) white and blue present a steep visual contrast between its seemingly harmless innocence and the inhuman atrocity that's been happening all this time in this shameful red Empire.

I'll leave the stars blank. God damn. What a fxxking journey to hell. I'm speechless.

Though, before I recede under my duvet and suffer from utter insomnia, I still have one question: I can't figure out exactly what the film wants to express by all that transvestism. Does it represent "if you're deep enough into the system, your 'queerness' would be legitimised no matter what" or "it is a facade of 'free speech/expression' (does the Empire of Disappointment really still need that though???)" or "it represents how utterly distorted the world is" (which is transphobic) or "they're only there for a laugh/for the quirkiness" (still transphobic), or neither?

二十世纪The Twentieth Century(2019)

又名:The 20th Century


主演:丹·贝尔尼 Sarianne Cormier 凯瑟琳·圣罗兰 

导演:Matthew Rankin 编剧:Matthew Rankin